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10 Benefits of Outsourcing Document Management

1. Less Cost

Typically an outsourcing company can provide the equivalent defined services at a much lower cost;

2. Per Image Pricing

This makes for easy budgeting and means no software to buy, no seat licences and no annual software maintenance fees;

3. Experience and Expertise

A professional service bureau provides effective structured processes, controls, latest software technologies and skilled personnel;

4. Reduced Overhead to your Business

You can avoid the substantial up-front costs of buying and setting up your own infrastructure, including staff, hardware, automation software and IT support resources;

5. Turnaround Times

An outsourcing company has a large dedicated team of staff ensuring records can always be made available within pre-determined timeframes;

6. Accuracy in Results

Effectively proven quality assurance and control measures ensure your important documents are always processed accurately;

7. Security and Privacy

Your outsourcing company will have significant experience working with highly sensitive, confidential information and will be registered and compliant with the security regulations governing best practices including: “PHIPA” Personal Health Information Protection Act and “PIPEDA” Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act;

8. Canada, eh!

When you choose a Canadian outsourcing company you’re helping to employ Canadians, for Canadian operated businesses;

9. Business Partner

An outsourcing company is a flexible/adaptable innovative organization who becomes a collaborative member of your team and a true business partner;

10. Customer Service

A strong customer-focused business with a dedicated support team available for ongoing support of your program.

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