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11 Steps to Document Digitization

Folders of documents

Document digitization can be complicated if you are not familiar with the process. At Bay Area Records, we make it simple with an 11-step process.

We’ve refined this process over several years so that we can get your documents digitized quickly and painlessly, with minimal productivity lost. Our process is very secure so that none of your confidential data gets into the wrong hands. We do quality assurance checks throughout the process so that we don’t miss digitizing any of the data.

Here are the 11 steps to digitizing your documents:

1. Client identifies the documents to be digitized and creates an inventory of records. Bay Area Records (BAR) creates specific barcodes for naming of digital files.

2. Client packs documents in banker boxesBAR provides box rental and box packing services, if required.

3. BAR arranges for pick up and delivery of boxes to BAR’s secure facility or client can arrange transport or deliver boxes directly to BAR

4. BAR completes 1st quality check to confirm all documents sent were received. BAR creates inventory if required.

Folders of documents

5. BAR removes documents from file folders/ binders etc. and prepares documents for digitization (removes fasteners, unfolds dog eared corners, repairs torn edges, etc.). BAR completes 2nd quality check to identify any misfiles.

6. BAR digitizes documents of all sizes, in colour or black and white, at client requested dpi (dots/inch) resolution, on high-speed state of the art equipment. BAR completes 3rd quality check to confirm all images are legible.

7. BAR names digital files according to client specifications. BAR completes final quality control check to ensure a 99.99% accuracy rate for all digital images.

8. BAR delivers images directly into client electronic document management systems. Images can also be delivered on encrypted mobile devices for upload by the client. BAR also offers secure web-based document management and cloud-based storage solutions.

9. BAR stores client images, and original paper documents, for 3 months post digitization. Client completes final quality audits and authorizes destruction of original paper, and images, stored at BAR.

10. BAR provides limited box storage services to digitization clients who require retention of original paper documents beyond 3 months.

11. BAR completes secure record destruction, following the recommendations of the Provincial Privacy Commissioner, and provides a Certificate of Destruction to client.

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