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Now able to accommodate large format documents

We are now able to accommodate large format documents including:

  • Maps
  • Architectural drawings
  • Construction and Engineering documents

Why should you consider digitizing large format documents?

Preservation of oversize documents is crucial for maintaining historical records, promoting accessibility, and ensuring their longevity. These documents, such as maps, architectural plans, and posters, often contain valuable information and represent significant cultural artifacts.

Scanning oversize documents offers several benefits for preservation. First, it reduces physical handling, minimizing the risk of damage from repeated use or environmental factors. By creating high-resolution digital copies, institutions can provide widespread access to these documents while preserving the originals in controlled environments.

Furthermore, digital scanning allows for easy reproduction, sharing, and dissemination of the documents, fostering research, education, and public engagement. It also enables enhanced searchability and metadata tagging, facilitating efficient retrieval and organization of information.

By prioritizing the scanning of oversize documents, we ensure their continued availability to future generations, safeguarding our collective heritage and knowledge. Embracing technology for preservation purposes allows for protection and the ability to share these valuable documents, promoting cultural understanding and appreciation.

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