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The Benefits of Going Paperless

Improve Access to Information and Team Collaboration

  • In a post COVID world many people still work at least part of the time in remote office locations. Having all important business documents in digital format, available online, improves access and efficiency for everyone, no matter what their work location.
  • For client service organizations putting everything online, and digitizing documents that are still paper based, enhances client service and may give you an advantage over competitors.
  • In complex organizations, like hospitals, there may be many players in many locations working towards the same outcome; access to real time information is a critical success factor and can only be achieved in a world where records are digital.

Decrease Expensive Storage Space

  • Filing cabinets full of paper records take up a huge amount of space.
  • Digital record storage solutions mean valuable real estate can be repurposed or eliminated to save costs.

Consolidate Information and Data

  • Electronic record systems mean valuable business information can be entered once into an electronic system, and then updated as required.
  • Repeated data entry on paper forms is inefficient and increases the risk of error.
  • Searching for information in paper files takes much longer than searching for information in paperless systems.

Retrieve Valuable History

  • Organizations of every type have a great deal of important history, information, precedents and templates stored in their old paper records.
  • Digitizing historical records as part of a paperless transition unlocks this valuable information and makes it accessible for reuse.
  • Through advanced search technologies paperless systems can bring tremendous value add to online databases


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